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Explore and be awed by the Dutch landscape with Renzy’s sightseeing tours!

With summer around the corner and the weather clearing up, it’s time to explore what the Netherlands has to offer and take a tour. With Renzy’s countryside & windmill tour, that is. 😌

Crowded tours with lots of people? Nee. An annoying tour guide that won’t stop babbling? A guided tour on the guide’s schedule? No sir!

With Renzy’s sightseeing tours, the customer experience is anything but boring. Renzy provides a 2-person electric Renault Twizy with GPS navigation and audio guide where you can

7 things you need to know when buying a refurbished e-bike

So, you want to join the e-bike craze. This makes sense: sophisticated, healthy, and environmentally green, many Dutchies are ditching their rusty old bikes for the one and only e-bike.

However, the e-bike isn’t exactly the cheapest pair of wheels out there, which leads many Dutch people to take the route of buying a refurbished bike as opposed to a brand new one — it’s a sustainable, smart, and wallet-friendly move.

There are many perks involved in owning these snazzy contraptions. However, t

17 reasons why biking is king in the Netherlands

The Dutch and their bikes go together better than peanut butter and jelly — but how did the Netherlands become a cycling paradise in a world increasingly dominated by cars?

It’s safe to say that Dutchies take their love of biking very seriously. In fact, you’ll find Dutchies biking under any circumstance — they bike when they’re drunk, when they’re texting, when it’s raining, with a bucket full of children, oh and even when they’re naked. 😳

So, what makes biking so popular here? Is it convenie

Meet Upway: the new online marketplace for refurbished e-bikes (that won’t make your wallet cry)

From zooming to work in style to upping your fitness and reducing your carbon footprint, there are many reasons why e-bikes are an ideal form of transport.

The Dutch and their love for biking is nothing new — in fact, Dutchies probably cycle more than they walk. It’s no surprise then to hear that the electric bicycle (e-bike) has been stirring up a storm in the Netherlands as of late.

Sustainable, fashionable, accessible, fast — and all on two wheels? Sign the Dutch up. In fact, sign us intern

11 cosy places to work or study in Eindhoven

Working from home is great — but with so many fantastic cafés, libraries, and coworking spots to work or study in Eindhoven, why not get out and about?

Whether you’re freelancing, studying, or working remotely, you deserve a breather from home distractions and a barista-made coffee by your side.

Unsure where to go? Here are the best places in Eindhoven for you to work, study, get in the zone — oh, and smash those deadlines, of course. ⚡️

Why not escape your own living room to a café that make

The Netherlands sees a surge in freelancers (and the government isn't having it)

We’re all in search of the perfect work-life balance, but office jobs can make that extremely difficult for employees. Enter: freelancing!

Freelancing has absolutely taken off in the Netherlands, with the amount of self-employed people growing to 1.24 million since the start of the coronavirus, reports In fact, it’s an upward trend that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

So, what’s the hype about freelancing?

Well, with benefits ranging from a better balance between work and

Making Dutch friends as an international: our 21 best tips

The Netherlands has amazing perks (a healthy work-life balance, good public transportation, yummy fried snacks, anyone?), but making friends as an International? That can be tricky.

Whether you’ve just moved to the Netherlands or you’ve been living here for some time, making a local friend isn’t always easy. But het komt wel goed (it will be alright), here are some tips and tricks to make it easier to socialise with Dutchies and break into their circle.

1. Step out of the international bubbl

Here’s how you can help Turkey and Syria's earthquake victims from the Netherlands

The recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have destroyed the lives of many people. This is hard to watch from the safety of the Netherlands, but thankfully there are things we can do to help.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 23 million people in Syria and Turkey were affected by the two earthquakes (measured at 7.8 and 7.5 in magnitude) that hit on February 6, leaving tens of thousands of people homeless and devastated.

Two weeks later, on February 20, another devastating 6.4

Class is in session: 'Me too' lectures will be mandatory at University of Maastricht

First-year students of the University of Maastricht are getting a new compulsory course added to their timetable: MeToo lessons.

From this upcoming September, students will not be allowed to skip or drop out of this essential course — making the University of Maastricht the first Dutch institution to introduce mandatory attendance for a whole year group.

Lessons will cover information about sexual boundaries, sexual assault, and transgressive behaviour, reports Trouw.

The reason behind it


Dutch Quirk #70: Eat too much and have to uitbuik afterwards

Imagine this: you just finished having a delicious meal with your favourite Dutchie when they all of a sudden sit back, undo the top of their trousers, and state “Zo, nu even goed uitbuiken.” (So, now it’s time to rest.)

You stare in confusion as their belly hangs out and think to yourself “this is odd” but your jeans are also now exceptionally tight after eating. It’s starting to hurt. So you think “well, maybe they’re catching onto something here.”

And down goes the zip.

It seems like the D

This Amsterdam based company is helping to find lost cats across the world

Lost your cat? No more plastering ‘Missing’ posters on street lights or joining Facebook groups. The online service, CatRadar, helps owners track their beloved pets through social media ads across the Netherlands and abroad.

The result? In one year, the Amsterdam-based company has reunited more than a thousand cats with their worried owners, reports 🐈

With a success rate of 68%, CatRadar (KattenRadar in Dutch) has expanded globally and is now available in England, New Zealand, the Unite

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Vesencia is a lifestyle art concept born from a passion for beauty and harmony. Vesencia originates from the Spanish words verdadera esencia, translating to true essence. We believe that art is an expression of the soul and that it has the capacity to nourish us through our senses, like holding a mirror to our true essence.

Our mission is to envelop you with harmonious surroundings that bring about your true self. We strive to achieve this by applying a holistic approach that integrates the ima